Jun 3 • 23M

we fight with shields alone

in which we celebrate Mercury Retro's end (right???), catch up on The Chrysalis livestream, and of course give links to the summer shows

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hey hartlist,

It’s the funniest “oh no someone forgot to bring the props onstage” story I’ve ever heard told in 7 words:

”Very well; we fight with shields alone!”


The Chrysalis #62 “IN JUNE” - missed it? Tune in here to catch the replay or listen to the audio in today’s newsletter.

Wednesday June 15 8PM - The Irish Arts Center Cafe - FREE & all ages!

Sat June 18 *1PM* - ‘Porch Stomp’ on Governor’s Island - also FREE for all

Sat JULY 9 7PM - Tickets On Sale for my BIRTHDAY SHOW @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage The Second, or The Fancy Stage, or You Have to Come To This one - full band

I don’t know why I love that ‘story’ so much. I don’t know if it really happened or who said it, and it doesn’t matter; in fact I would venture to say it would be much less funny as part of a larger narrative.

We fight with shields alone!

So Mercury Retrograde ends today, which is wonderful, and it usually likes to let the door hit me in the ass on its way out, which it did, and I wrote up a whole story about this insane Too Good To Be True Gig that seemed like a sure thing and turned into a Can You Do Some Unpaid Work Really Fast In Order To Be Considered So That We Can Then Not Hire You all within like 14 hours… but it was cranky and I sort of made the ‘stranded without my props’ metaphor work, but it was unwieldy.

As was the “oh just submit a quick rough casual kind of demo, don’t spend time on it” recording I made and submitted against my better judgment.

Kids: No one ever wants to hear something “rough”. Or that sounds like you “didn’t spend time on it.” No matter what they say.

I wrote a lot about that and then erased it. We’ll revisit the topic. For now, it’s a Friday in June, I’m gonna eat some crunchy snacks and go see a play.

Also, I’ll be out of town all next week!! Busily doing some theatre-making! So I may not return til the following week.

In the meantime, here’s the replay of Sunday’s show. For those who prefer audio, it’s included here as well.

With Shields Alone,