wailing wallListen now (3 min) | in which we discuss the pain of self-promotion and I rehearse for the gig (and you-audio included)
in which we inaugurate the monthly chrysalis which just happens to fall on Hallows Eve, but I'll see you at The Cutting Room before that! (10/28)
in which we celebrate autumn, recap the New Haven pizza I mean gig, provide a link for the Cutting Room Tickets (of course), and then just kinda talk a…
rambling, manListen now (22 min) | in which we head out of tow, drop last week's audio, look ahead to Sunday's Chrysalis 54: RAMBLIN, and don't actually ramble that…
i love it when a band comes togetherListen now (21 min) | in which we celebrate collaborating, plug the Cutting Room show 10/28, and share the most recent CHRYSALIS audio
in which we muse on the nature of impediments, say happy rosh hashanah, and of course provide links for upcoming shows
in which you can catch Sunday's "Chrysalis" performance, and our heroine considers a new approach to... doing things.
in which we save the dates 8/29 for a livestream concert and 9/10 for another broadcast of the Iron John movie, and then run off to enjoy the weekend
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