the greatest adventure...

opera is live * gigs are live * we are alive

hey hartlist

‘the greatest adventure/Is what lies ahead’- theme song from the 70s animated The Hobbit, which Matt & I ended a long band rehearsal last night by singing and which the jury is out about whether you’ll ever hear

So, we’re playing out again. Harmony? Tuning? Banter? Keeping time? Singing to YOU and not the image of my own face in a computer screen? What will it be like???????

FYI: Very few tickets for tomorrow’s casual roof party hang with us and Matt’s trio Nørth Følk1 are still avail here. 4PM NF, 5PM Rebecca Hart & the Wrong Band.

If you’d prefer to see us in a more theatrical context:

JULY (not june) 8, 730PM: The Not My Birthday Show @ the Kraine Theatre in Manhattan. Live *and* Livestreaming tickets avail. Pearl Rhein opens. Danny Ursetti joins us on percussion.

JULY 11, 4PM: Garden Gatherings at The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Waterford CT. Tickets here.

Also upcoming: house concert in New Haven JULY 12 (TBD), and the lovely Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg Brooklyn on AUGUST 17 830PM (vax crowd only, possibly also livestreamed).

And speaking of streaming…MY OPERA IS OUT. Get a look at the barren(s)’ by me & Amber Vistein, as well as a cute interview with us and two other bite-size operas (American Apollo and Las Autenticas) HERE. (“cc” for subtitles)

See some of you TOMORROW, some of you very soon. Until then, thankful and happy we’re '

‘stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive….” - the bee gees (70s theme today I guess), which (spoiler) you WILL hear if you come to the gig TOMORROW AAAAAAAA


Rebecca Hart & the Wrong Band


This i could figure out, but not umlauts.