rambling, man

in which we head out of tow, drop last week's audio, look ahead to Sunday's Chrysalis 54: RAMBLIN, and don't actually ramble that much


Hey hartlist,

Happy belated Fall Equinox! I hope it was the full-moon, red/gold Wine Harvest of your dreams. I didn’t do much of anything but I’ll be celebrating this weekend by leaving my house!! On saturday, I will be taking the newly be-stringed Mini and keyboardist Nick Stephens up to New Haven to play the 3PM slot at this event (and then go get pizza). If you’re in the area, say hi!

And then on Sunday I’m going hiking (JOY).

This week’s The Chrysalis 54: RAMBLIN, will be taped in advance but no less sincere. Posted at 4PM as usual on all the socials… Last week’s episode is included here, yes I know the guitar and vocals are separated if you’re listening with earbuds, if you are a Livestreaming Sound Expert please show yourselves.

Do we prefer getting the audio or the video in this newsletter?

Ok that’s all; no time to chat this week, I’m rehearsing us for that, and of course for this.