Sep 22, 2021 • 22M

rambling, man

in which we head out of tow, drop last week's audio, look ahead to Sunday's Chrysalis 54: RAMBLIN, and don't actually ramble that much

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Rebecca Hart
weekly mixed media chronicle of a creative life by NYC-based writer/performer Rebecca Hart. these entries contain audio.
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Hey hartlist,

Happy belated Fall Equinox! I hope it was the full-moon, red/gold Wine Harvest of your dreams. I didn’t do much of anything but I’ll be celebrating this weekend by leaving my house!! On saturday, I will be taking the newly be-stringed Mini and keyboardist Nick Stephens up to New Haven to play the 3PM slot at this event (and then go get pizza). If you’re in the area, say hi!

a whole afternoon of music and … butterbeer? from that picture? Nick and I play a set at 3PM. Advance tickets here.

And then on Sunday I’m going hiking (JOY).

This week’s The Chrysalis 54: RAMBLIN, will be taped in advance but no less sincere. Posted at 4PM as usual on all the socials… Last week’s episode is included here, yes I know the guitar and vocals are separated if you’re listening with earbuds, if you are a Livestreaming Sound Expert please show yourselves.

Do we prefer getting the audio or the video in this newsletter?

Ok that’s all; no time to chat this week, I’m rehearsing us for that, and of course for this.

Tickets on sale now, vax and mask, bring your friends, it’s a big beautiful venue.