it never rains but it pours

iron john, the return of the chrysalis, pete's candy store tuesday, sofar sounds recap

hey Hartlist,

I haven’t played a solo show in a while.

here it is, folks, the only concrete proof that last night I played the SoFar Sounds Series in Soho, solo. Say that three times fast. Thanks @feyermusic for snapping this and reminding me that A) I love this dress and B) hair-up for shows doesn’t work. All righty.

It is always great to play for a sold-out room. It’s slightly more complicated to play for a sold-out room that was supposed to be an outdoor show, with audience forced into close proximity by an amazingly timed thunderstorm that started just before sound check and ended just after my set. (I kid you not. It rained for the Kraine show too, remember?? If it rains on August 17 for Pete’s Candy Store I will start taking it personally.) I was equal parts amazed at the team’s ability to pivot so quickly (thank you for sending someone with an umbrella to meet me at the train!), and horrified by the “unexpectedly packed indoors without checking vaccines and varying commitment to masks” kinda thing. I did my four songs and split; sorry other musicians! Times are tough.

FYI, Pete’s Candy Store on TUESDAY is vax-only, masks-on for audience and you should come out, it’s the last band show til October 27 at the Cutting Room. TUESDAY AUGUST 17, 830PM, Pay What You Wish, Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn.

Highlights of SoFar included: the umbrella, telling the Kestrel Strand story to brand-new listeners, debuting the song “cannonball” that I wrote during quarantine and getting the audience to sing the chant at the end with me, seeing an old friend who reassured me that I still CAN rock the solo thing if need be. As with so many things, I’m realizing the matter isn’t black & white. It’s not about deciding whether it’s “better with the band” or not *1, they’re just different shows. Anyway, thanks SoFar Sounds, you were great. I’ll get a test tomorrow.

On that note, stay tuned for THE RETURN OF THE CHRYSALIS livestream, courtesy of The Delta Variant (and also I just missed you all). 8/29, the Last Sunday in August, 4PM on my YouTube Channel. Do yourself a favor and subscribe right here. As always, the German music Rebecca Hart is not me, and the Christian rock Rebecca Hart is not me, still working on it, CDbaby.

As before, I’ll always include the video of the previous week’s livestream in this newsletter, though I hear it’s more fun if you tune in “live”.

The other thing that’s happening this week, of course, is the return of IRON JOHN: an american ghost story, the Manhattan School of Music production, a fully orchestrated, filmed/livestreamed/I don’t even know mashup, it’s a mystery to us also. Although I of course feel agita recommending you watch something I haven’t seen, I’m giving you the link anyway. You can write in and tell me about it, because..

…typically, neither my collaborator Jacinth nor I can tune in because we’re both working;2 he’s in Minneapolis doing awesome music-related things and I will be rehearsing the band and playing Pete’s Candy Store, where I will see you all Tuesday night. But you know what they say, it never rains but it pours.




of course it’s better with the band, come on. see you tuesday.


yes they’re sending us our own link/copy.