The Halloween Chrysalis 56: ghosted

in which we inaugurate the monthly chrysalis which just happens to fall on Hallows Eve, but I'll see you at The Cutting Room before that! (10/28)

hey hartlist,

here’s what I was doing this weekend instead of playing for you:

Here’s how I know I love hiking: when we got back down to the car after the much-longer-than-anticipated climb/descent upon which we had blithely embarked without so much as a handful of GORP or more than one bottle of water, I was starving and hurt everywhere because I don’t do this as much as I want, and I was like ‘ten out of ten would do this again (just not right now).’

Anyway, my hiking companion the Hon. J. Porkpie, Burlesque Mayor of NYC, were going to rustle up a country-time Chrysalis show for you including a rehearsal of his guest spot at the upcoming 10/28 Cutting Room Show, but we were too tired and the wifi upstate is tricky and who am I kidding I didn’t even write a newsletter last week. My apologies. Please accept this foliage:

In fitness as in life I guess: find what works for you and then really do it.

Related: May I present the new and improved once-a-month Chrysalis, last Sunday of the month going forward. This month’s show: The CHRYSALIS 56: GHOSTED, on what just happens to be Halloween afternoon! When I’m reading tarot cards at a baby shower in Brooklyn!…so it will still be pre-taped! (this time.) But I will really do it.

Related: mercury retrograde ends Monday.

FYI, ‘tis the season and I am nurturing an instagram account for all tarot-related business, find me there to book readings.

Soon it will have more than one post! But through 10/28, most of my creative energy is going towards the first full-band, drum-kit, stage-lights, great-sound kinda show I’ve played since 2019. Join us at The Cutting Room on 10/28! Don’t ghost!