sunday 4PM the chrysalis 51:RETURN(s)

in which we save the dates 8/29 for a livestream concert and 9/10 for another broadcast of the Iron John movie, and then run off to enjoy the weekend

Hey Hartlist,

Tune in THIS SUNDAY, 4PMEDT for the return of my livestream show, THE CHRYSALIS #51: RETURN(S) , on Youtube - subscribe for a reminder! and Facebook. Can’t make it? Il’l post the video here and on my insta.

PS: Anyone who wishes to catch the Manhattan School of Music filmed version of IRON JOHN: an american ghost story, there will be another broadcast SEPTEMBER 10, 730 EDT right here.

Every morning- although I’m trying to teach myself not to look at my phone first thing - I read the blog Letters from an American by the great journalist/historian/person Heather Cox Richardson. It is packed full of news and commentary and context and insight and the woman writes the thing EVERY DAMN DAY. But once in a while, she’s like “guys? I got nothing”, and posts a picture of a sunset. And I guess my point is, if HCR can do it, so can I.

I got up this morning and took a walk and, as usual, was like, “ok, rebecca, what are we doing today? What should we think about? what’s important?” and then I became aware of the sound of frogs and streams and wind in the trees… which is what I’m doing today and what’s important. I hope you have some time today or this weekend to just Be. Maybe you can use the time where you’d usually be reading the rest of this newsletter. :)

Ok, if you want something to do you could get (very) advance tickets for the Hallows Eve Eve Eve show @ the Cutting Room NYC Oct 28.

otherwise, ‘see’ you Sunday,