sunday 4PM The Chrysalis 46:FOOLS

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Hey Hartlist,

check, check, is this thing on, can you hear me?
… is still how I start every episode of The Chrysalis, and is also what I’m saying now because if you haven’t noticed I’m trying out a new platform for this here newsletter. I’ve never had a choice of backgrounds before and am obviously drunk with power, what do we think of this I think they call it greige?

Last week, when I said I was taking the weekend off I had not yet realized it was Passover. This week, when I named the upcoming episode The Chrysalis 46: FOOLS, I had not yet realized it would be Easter Sunday. In case there’s any confusion I meant it like, April Fools?

If you missed #45, the Anniversary Show, check it out here

Rannygazoo was the special guest, I sang into the mic backwards and debuted a new shirt, it was a good time. (I’m playing it VERY cool about this new video link style but know that I just went, “wow!” out loud.)

By the way, here is the correct link to my interview. I suppose that would have been nice to have last week when there was no Chrysalis.

By the way Part 2: if you’re in NYC mark your calendars for a special * in person * Chrysalis rooftop show in Brooklyn w/the band!!!! June 5. Details to come.

Speaking of fools, I have a vaccine appointment tomorrow and instead of leaping for joy I am curled up in a ball dreading A) going as far away from home as Brooklyn, B) feeling an ouch in my arm and C) whatever possible side effects that I know most of you didn’t have but what if I do, and what if it’s a new one that no one’s heard of yet, like incessant dancing? (It happened in 1518. My sister wrote a play about it. Not in 1518.) However, this week I have heard that dehydration can be a cause of both anxiety AND vaccine side effects, so, two birds one stone, you’ll find me on the couch with six bottles of vitamin water watching Schitt’s Creek again until the cab comes.

What were we talking about? Oh right - Sunday, April 4 at 4PM EST, join me live on Youtube or Facebook for songs of tomfoolery, shenanigans, risks and mistakes of all kinds. Special guest Sam Nidel. Happy P’Easter everybody.