Sunday 4PM The Chrysalis 44: SNAKES (The St Paddys Day Show)

Hey Hartlist,

Last week was a watershed moment for The Chrysalis, when I finally jumped on the Streamyard bandwagon and made my YouTube live debut... and perhaps more importantly, finally set up my new mic and guitar input! Judging from your lovely feedback, it seems we like? hearing me more? better? Let's keep it going. This week I will be streaming to *both* YouTube and Facebook at the same time, watch out world, you are my oyster.

And it's as good a time to celebrate as any - this Sunday, March 14, 4PM EST, I bring you
The Chrysalis 44: SNAKES (The Paddy's Day Edition)... on FB and YT (why not subscribe?) with special guest Irish songwriter SJ McArdle coming in live from across the water! Not a one to miss. (Heads up: the following week, March 21, will be both the Spring Equinox AND the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW OMG, with returning special guests Rannygazoo, to get through the whole song this time.)nnn

I know what you're thinking- Rebecca, you already play Irish songs half the time, won't this just be more of the same? And to that I say, Yes! Think of it as "I research this holiday so you don't have to". For example: did St. Patrick really drive all the snakes out of Ireland? And if so, can he do something about that one in the subway? Because I'm not going back in until I know it's gone. And also i can think of a few other things for him to banish (and only one of them is green beer).

Til Sunday - La fheile Padraig shona dhuit, which is Irish for "Am I on mute?"