Sunday 4PM *on YouTube!* The Chrysalis 43: PINS AND NEEDLES

"I know that when I say this/ I may be stepping on pins and needles/But I don't like all these people slagging her for breaking up the Beatles"- barenaked ladies, 'be my yoko ono' (a song which I've already done, so, not doing it this time)

"You know, you haven't stopped talking since I came in? You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle."- Groucho Marx

Hey Hartlist,

Yesterday I went for my daily dose of sunshine walk around my neighborhood, and I found myself doing something surprising: taking off my coat. I know!! almost as if the seasons might actually be changing.

If you missed last week's Chrysalis, "WEIGHTS AND MEASURES" and want to check out the special guest Rannygazoo.. you can't, really, because facebook dropped the connection in the middle of their song. Find the rest of the show here on my Youtube channel... which is where I'll be at 4pm This Sunday*, for a host of reasons. Yes there's still a ton of music there by some other Rebecca Hart and it is driving me nuts. But I'll be the one with the red carnation.

This week on The Chrysalis: #43: PINS AND NEEDLES.

*Tiny chance I will be able to stream to FB at the same time.

After I took off my coat, I went and sat with my coffee in a park, which is definitely more like exercise than sitting with my coffee at my desk, and I noticed there are buds on the trees. I came home to find that three different people had emailed me to tell me that NYC is opening music venues in April. YAAAAYYYYYY!!!.... (... right? ... eventually...?) Or -Chrysalis Live on a Brooklyn rooftop anyone? Stay tuned. And of course I'm enjoying the increasing number of pictures of family and friends getting the vaccine. Yes, all around I see various signs of cautious hope, healing, and renewal. Except in Texas, where there is neither hope nor caution. Oh! You crazy kids...

You know the old saying, which comes first, the title of the show or the song stuck in your head? Well, I don't either, and also I don't know. But it seems appropriate. After all "pins and needles" refers to that uncomfortable but very welcome feeling when something that was asleep comes back online. It also refers to the feeling of excited anticipation of something good, like Spring, or live music venues opening, or the shot in the arm without which I'm not setting foot in a live music venue. Or there's however the Bare Naked Ladies were using it, which is ... the way that it rhymes with 'beatles'.

See you Sunday-