new guitar and new gigs

we come for brooklyn, manhattan, and CT so far

Hey Hartlist

There’s no denying, things are moving, shaking, and- in this month’s contender for Pandemic Phrase Used Too Much - “opening up again”.



We’re busting out with a series of live shows (more coming)
JUNE 5 on Chris’ roof in Brooklyn, details and tickets here. Matt’s Viking fiddle trio (!) ‘North Folk’ opens at 4, we hit at 5.
JULY 8 at The Kraine Theatre
in the East Village. My annual Not My Birthday Show. 730PM. Pearl Rhein opens. Tickets here.
This show will be INDOORS for vaccinated folks (limited seating!)
It will ALSO be livestreamed.
JULY 11 at The O’Neill Theatre Center!
*in Waterford CT* outdoors at the Garden Gatherings series. This date will be confirmed today :) and a link is forthcoming but I wanted you to have it because.. The O’Neill!!!

Other stuff: JUNE 1 the film of my opera ‘the barren(s)’ will be avail here , and the student film production of my musical IRON JOHN will be available… sometime. Also, if you miss bars and theatres but will settle for Zoom and drinking at home, have I got a show for you; doing a little acting tonight/Sat/Sun in ‘The Black Horse: a Drinking Play for the Pandemic’.

And in other news…

You know how they say you can’t make an omelet without a supernatural force breaking your guitar?

The full eulogy for ‘Taylor’, my trusty companion of many, many years/studios/stages, can be read elsewhere . But just to yet again marvel at the timing: this happened during the first band rehearsal in my home since January 2020… one week after I ended (for now) my quarantine livestream series The Chrysalis (all episodes still up on YouTube and FB)… and two days after I announced “I think it’s time for a new guitar” and went looking. There was no dramatic fall, no noticeable shift in temperature, no rock n roll tantrum. It simply slid out of my lap AND BROKE IN HALF on the way down. (You guys, remember when Rebecca’s guitar COMMITTED SUICIDE?? went the band thread the next morning.)

I knew I wanted a Mini (half-size guitar that fits my person and will travel well TO ALL THE GIGS see above), though I didn’t know I would be acquiring one so soon.

For those concerned (and there were some of you), there is no world in which I “just throw out” my old guitar, what do you take me for? (A question I should have asked the guy at the store, who, after he sold me Mini and some strings, asked if I was “ok to put the strings on by myself”. Ahem.) Also, thank you for the repair recommendations. Taylor was my first real guitar and we’re not parting. BUT sometimes you have to…. like, leave the Chrysalis.

See you OUT THERE,