birthday show recap and CT Sunday/Monday

Hey Hartlist,

I woke up to this, so, that’s how this morning is going.

Don’t give up on us so fast, world! We’re still here, look:

Our return to indoor live performing was suitably dramatic, with a wild hurricane downpour just before the show, but A) did you know is very useful and can help you plan your journey from the hair salon to the venue without ruining the hair and B) our beloved fans showed up anyway and are all warriors and we all celebrated the return to sitting together in the dark and under stage lights and someone’s cell phone going off during the opening set and new percussionist and live harmony and real applause and the sound at the Kraine was great and Pearl Rhein’s opening set was charming and IF YOU MISSED IT AND WANT TO SEE IT YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE I am told you can hear most of the instruments. (?) Highlights of the night I’m gonna say included: Pearl’s ‘Rocket Dog’ song, the Wrong Band’s “theatrical entrance”, Jonny Porkpie stopping by to flash his pasties and sing an insulting birthday song, covering the Bee Gees, Patti Smith, and the Civil Wars in the same set, Danny Ursetti making magic with a pile of percussion toys and a cymbal, trying to cut ‘The Kestrel Strand’ from the set (do you guys know there’s an acoustic version on the album with me & Ben Sollee playing it live? but doing it as an encore duet with Matt, and finally getting to play ‘The Magician’s Daughter’ live with drums for the first time since early 2020. Was this a smoothly produced and run show? No. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that even though the couple of sentences I just wrote and deleted were very funny.

But it was fun! And I still can’t think of a better way to get a year older than being onstage playing for you. I’m gonna do it til I drop. So thanks.

And people watched at home!

Next Gig in NY is Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, August 17 830PM. Take heed! Bring friends!

But first! Get ready, CT, we are coming for you. SUNDAY at 4PM we will be playing the Garden Gatherings series on the gorgeous grounds of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford and I can’t hardly wait. Monday at 6PM Hi Fi Pie Fest/Beecher Park Concerts in New Haven.

See you out there, in person, #norobots.