i love it when a band comes togetherListen now (21 min) | in which we celebrate collaborating, plug the Cutting Room show 10/28, and share the most recent CHRYSALIS audio
in which we muse on the nature of impediments, say happy rosh hashanah, and of course provide links for upcoming shows
in which you can catch Sunday's "Chrysalis" performance, and our heroine considers a new approach to... doing things.
in which we save the dates 8/29 for a livestream concert and 9/10 for another broadcast of the Iron John movie, and then run off to enjoy the weekend
the candy is the musicListen now (5 min) | in which we recap pete's candy store, unearth a live 'angelize me' recording, and grudgingly thank zoom theatre
iron john, the return of the chrysalis, pete's candy store tuesday, sofar sounds recap
john harper is not dead Listen now (3 min) | in which we introduce AUDIO to the newsletter, recap august dates, and (finally) share streaming dates for IRON JOHN: an american …
new songs, and continuing to get back on the horse
in which we recap the O'Neill show and muse on the nature of fear and productivity
Hey Hartlist, I woke up to this, so, that’s how this morning is going. Don’t give up on us so fast, world! We’re still here, look: Our return to indoor…
details and more details
and a link to the opera